JER Consulting LLC

About JER Consulting LLC

 JER Consulting LLC was formed in 2002 by John E. Roberts to assist responders in building capacity for emergency response.

From an initial emphasis solely on providing certified NIMS/ICS (National Incident Management System /Incident Command System) training, John has expanded to support the needs of corporate and international entities and NGOs who use the planning frameworks to address an ever-growing list of emergency challenges that include Incident Management, Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Multi-Agency Coordination for things such as earthquake relief, avian influenza, public health, food safety, foreign animal disease, and pet sheltering.

To date, JER Consulting has served more than 30 state governments, multiple private sector entities, federal agencies, sovereign nations, universities, hospitals, and veterinary schools. John served with National Area Command Teams (Command and Plans) through 2005. In order to retain early access to critical international and domestic security information, JER Consulting LLC is a constituent of OSAC, the Overseas Security Advisory Council administered by the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and a member of Infragard, the partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector.

About John E. Roberts

An international consultant with 40 years of experience in emergency response, I retired from the USDA Forest Service in September, 2002, and formed JER Consulting LLC.  In addition to my consulting work for corporate, state, federal and international entities and NGOs, I still work part-time for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.  I began conducting Incident Command System (ICS) training in the mid 1980s when the ICS was first introduced.  During the final years of Government service, I served 8 years as Director the Federal Government’s National Interagency Center in Arizona specializing in NIMS/ICS Training and Advanced Incident Management.

My career began as a firefighter in 1972 prior to graduation from Oklahoma State University in 1973 with a BS degree in Forestry.  I began serving on National Incident Management Teams in the early 1980s.  I became certified in Area Command in 1987 and served with National Area Command Teams through 2005.  My pre-requisite experience came from qualifications as Incident Commander Type 1, Operations Chief Type 1 and Planning Section Chief Type 1. My most recent experience was serving as Incident Commander for an NGO providing orphan relief in Haiti that included a combination of delivering relief supplies and mapping locations with GPS coordinates for orphanages and churches providing orphan care.