At JER Consulting LLC, we provide you customized services to meet your needs.

Training & Certification 

For those organizations which must have individuals qualified to meet all the requirements of NIMS/ICS, Lead Instructor John Roberts, a past director of the national training center, is fully certified to provide the complete range of ICS training. John has several courses with specific exercises for situations as diverse as mapping orphanage coordinates in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, foreign animal disease, food safety, pet sheltering and dam breach scenarios that include multi-agency coordination where these overlap with other functions like public health. John has recently added both HSEEP compliant discussion-based and HSEEP compliant operational exercises to some courses. The courses can be tailored to relevant client challenges so that exercises provide hands-on practice using the framework in relevant situations.

Consulting & Training 

In addition, John has increasingly been called upon to provide customized response planning for both on-scene and off-site coordination. John has tailored continuity of operations planning or Emergency Support Function (ESF) operations training for organizations which may be working within the NIMS/ICS structure alongside federal and/or state government emergency responders in case of a disaster. Since the introduction of HSEEP, exercise design and training incorporate the core capabilities and are built as HSEEP compliant if requested. John has provided training and plans development in Europe, Central & South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia and to 16 countries in Africa under contract to the US Department of State and US Department of Agriculture, has done extensive work with state agencies and universities in the United States, and has met with government agency heads to develop an emergency on-scene response and off-site coordination structure for a small country that encompassed all response levels from local through international support. He brings truly varied experience with the real challenges faced in these situations.